Whitespace is committed to ensuring best quality service by keeping to its standards and continuous maintenance.

What is the capacity of Whitespace?

The main hall can accommodate up to six hundred (600) persons for standing / cocktail events and four hundred fifty (450) persons for seated / dinner events. Capacity is strictly observed.

What is the booking policy of Whitespace?

Bookings are taken on a first come first serve basis, pending settlement of a security deposit. Whitespace reserves the right to offer the date to another party if the security deposit is not made within three (3) days from the date of inquiry, giving ample time to decide on the date and settle the refundable security deposit payment that also serves as a reservation fee.

Does Whitespace have any packages?

Whitespace clients may book the space in two ways— They may book their own caterers and suppliers for stand alone venue bookings at the space, or they made decide to on board a Whitespace Package. We have taken the initiative to assist our clients by offering package options that allow them to create their masterpiece events at our space. The packages serve as a solid foundation and are complete enough to stand on their own. They may also serve as starting points for clients who wish to further explore unlimited possibilities, ideas or inspirations. If you would like to explore this Whitespace opportunity for your upcoming event, please e-mail us at

Does Whitespace charge corkage fees for non-accredited suppliers?

There are no corkage fees for non-accredited suppliers. However, to ensure service quality and preserve the integrity of the facility, a list of outside suppliers, caterers, musicians, photographers, and any other outside professionals must be submitted to Whitespace one (1) week before the event date.

May alcohol be served at events in Whitespace?

Alcohol may be served to persons over the age of 18 under the terms and conditions consistent with the applicable laws of the City of Makati as long as the client acknowledges that the serving of alcoholic beverages is solely at its own discretion. The client shall take full responsibility for and hold Whitespace harmless from all liability arising from the serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Is there a limit to any music and entertainment at Whitespace?

Any form of entertainment or live music set up that the client has planned for the event is subject to prior approval by Whitespace.

Is there accessible parking at Whitespace?

Whitespace clients may use twenty (20) parking slots in Whitespace with priority given to owner-driven cars. Whitespace can arrange for additional reserved parking at MJ Plaza or Ecoplaza on weekends, or weekdays after 6:00 PM, which shall be billed to the client’s account.

Is there security available?

Whitespace provides two (2) security guards at all times. In addition to their primary function of securing the physical building facilities, they shall strictly enforce and report any violation of the terms and conditions the space.

Are there any setup restrictions for the venue facilities?

No major construction / setup is allowed within Whitespace premises. All modules must be pre-fabricated and ready for installation. Dimensions must be approved by Whitespace in consideration of the entry clearance during ingress and egress. No permanent physical changes should be made to the venue such as boring of holes and repainting of walls or floors. Use of hooks, nails or any materials to fasten or hang anything from the walls to ceiling or any of the fixtures are strictly prohibited. Use of masking tape as an adhesive to tape or mark anything on the walls or the floor is the only form of adhesive permitted.

Does Whitespace allow open-flames?

Whitespace is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is prohibited inside the venue at all times. The use of fire or any kind of open flamed effects, fireworks, sparklers, or any toxic or noxious material is strictly prohibited.

Will Whitespace provide any necessary permits?

The client shall be responsible for obtaining the applicable licenses, permits, fees and assessments as may be required by any and all relevant agencies or units of the national and local government in connection with the event and the activities to be performed thereat.