Live streams have quickly become one of the most popular mediums of advertising, entertaining, learning, and promoting. Webinars are popping up left and right and online concerts are scheduled almost every week. With mass gatherings disallowed for the foreseeable future, it doesn’t mean that your business or cause has to come to a standstill too. 

There are countless opportunities available to make a livestream into a great tool for your advocacy, business, or company. Even as popular as they are now, their potential is still hampered by individual internet connections, lack of set-ups, or more. Renting an events venue in Manila to livestream different events can actually set your brand apart from the rest, resolve internet connectivity issues between different speakers or the host, and gives you more room to be flexible with what you can do.

With that, here are some creative concepts that you can use for your next livestreamed event.


Why not partner up with local businesses and hold a live auction? With social gatherings limited to 10 people, you can bring in some select entrepreneurs or collectors to showcase their goods on stream. Utilizing an events space allows enough space to bring in any products or goods from the entrepreneurs while also maintaining social distancing guidelines. Moreover, relying on one router for internet connection means that sellers don’t have to worry about accidentally disconnecting in the middle of their turn.


As we slowly transition into a new normal, it’s still unlikely that seminars and conferences will happen as scheduled. We’re expecting that webinars will be the norm for the foreseeable future. However, a lot of the problems tend to be connectivity issues both on the participants and speakers’ ends, number of participants limits, or application issues.

Holding this in an event space with all the speakers present helps simplify the process. For example, this solves problems like inconsistent volume levels from the different speakers’ ends or sharing-screen issues. 

Live Acoustic Sessions

While nothing beats a true live concert, online music gigs have grown extremely popular over the past few months. With location no longer a deterrent, more and more people tune in to watch, with some online gigs even having as much as 79,000 viewers. However, this has mostly been solo artists going live or a band pre-recording all their parts and mixing them together due to the varied internet speeds of each band member. 

Holding an intimate live acoustic session or gig with band members and a small team to handle the livestream can be a great way to create a unique online concert that can attract many viewers all over the country and the world.

Many businesses and groups may feel at a loss when it comes to navigating the intricacies of figuring out how to operate with so many limitations. Looking into creative, maybe never-before-seen strategies can help your business find its footing during these trying times.

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