Teambuilding activities are one of today’s most underrated events in a company. Whether companies are busy focusing on the bottom line or too swept up with other engagements, investing in the people in the company really should be one of the top priorities. Investing in building better camaraderie between co-workers while also encouraging a culture of fun and trust is key in making your employees — the building blocks of the business — more productive, more trusting in the company, and more excited to go to work.

As we establish a “new normal”, companies must keep in mind how social distancing guidelines affect future activities. Despite these additional measures, these activities prove to be even more important with national morale at an all time low. Taking the time to check up on your team, spend a day with them, and communicate with them outside of work is a great way to keep the company together in these trying times.

Now that we’ve established why a teambuilding event is worth the investment, we compiled a list of fun activities that can turn a simple events place in Makati into a memorable experience for the company.

Awards Ceremony

A casual or “funny” awards ceremony is a great way to build camaraderie by keeping it light. You can play on inside jokes in the company with fun awards like “Sleeping Beauty Award” for those who seem to doze off a little too often or the “Most Likely to Become a K-Pop Idol” award for the coworkers who can’t get enough of KPop. This activity definitely makes employees feel more valuable to the company, which may push them to work harder.

Trivia Night

A good old-fashioned trivia night is an exciting way to build friendly competition among departments or teams. You can use this event to test general or specific knowledge on a variety of topics. This activity teaches skills and values like communication skills, trust, and teamwork.


Kahoot is a customizable game where players compete to get the most correct answers. Departments or co-workers can band together to create a strategy where they all work together. Employees also have to trust one another with the answers to the questions. The gamemaster can set general knowledge questions or tailor fit them to the company. Overall, it’s a fun time for everyone to relax and have fun!

These unconventional but extraordinarily fun games are sure to build better communication skills among colleagues, or just to unwind. Be sure to book an events place in Makati to maximize what you can do with the activities in the right space.

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