Choosing an events venue in Makati is one of the most sensitive decisions facing event professionals. Recently, we covered how event planners chose venues and published a great deal of research on the subject. 

Consider this, what would happen if you did the unexpected, built in some surprises? What if you broke the mold and knew how fresh, unconventional events can be designed?

Pure Imagination

First, break free from all those preconceived ideas of planning events. Research, in fact, shows that attendees want new experiences, new information, and new people.

Versatile Spaces

Guests want to experience something extraordinary. They want unique spaces for memorable events. Most of the time, this means locations that are flexible for any kind of event. 

Stop and study your audience before you start looking for the location. Is it a press launch? Is it an opportunity for open, flowing networks? Is it a food-and-drink social event? Is it a combination of all this?

Now, grab a blank pad, sweep away the cobwebs from your headspace, and let’s
consider a series of unconventional experiences and venues.

Transformation1: Parking Space

Imagine an empty parking lot. To define the area, park the food trucks in a circle. 
Put a live band right in the middle, and you’ve got a party! Add a tent for exclusive access or if you just want a place cool and subdued, amidst the live band and energetic guests.  

Transformation 2: Art Gallery

At one event, art students can create instant masterpieces with specialized themes and subjects. What would have been a conventional gathering is now a unique collection of attention-grabbing messages that will truly buzz with the attendees.

Transformation 3: Urban Graffiti Party

This works wonderfully in warehouses, vacant buildings, or converted spaces. To define the  space and character, construct high and wide panels, thus creating a blank canvas for local graffiti artists to decorate with the client’s name, products, and theme. Allow your guests to try their own hands at urban art. Don’t forget to document your event! 


Your aim is to create a worthwhile and memorable experience. Once you are aware of your audience and their preferences, find the events venue in Makati that suits them.

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