There’s no denying that your event venue can make or break your event. The ideal events place in Makati will leave a memorable experience for you and your guests. If you want to create an impressive experience your guests will never forget, you need a venue that’s exceptional and trendy.

How do you find a venue like that? Look at the latest trends for inspiration. These will help you rent an events place in Makati, and fashion the space to surpass your guests’ expectations. Here are the freshest event venue trends for 2020:

Multiple Spaces for Multi-Day Events

Multi-day events can get stale quickly when attendees are made to use the same space. Savvy event planners know how to keep guests on their toes by planning multi-day events that stretch out to several venues.

You don’t really have to split your event across the city, but you can spice things up by sourcing event spaces with multiple on-site venues (buildings, patios, outdoor spaces, and the like). Don’t be afraid to try off-site options, too. For example, you could throw a networking event at a restaurant across the street from your main event location.

Guests Want More Face-to-Face Time

Your guests won’t want to merely attend an event. They want to play a part in it. They want an opportunity to network with one another, chat with the speakers, and even meet the hosts. (Interestingly, networking is one of the biggest motivators for event attendees.)

In 2020, we are going to see more event venues designed with “collision” spaces. They’d use minimalist design with fewer seats and open, accessible features so participants can bump into one another organically. These kinds of spontaneous connections will ignite relationships, thus packing your event with more value.

More Venues Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism has gained popularity in event venues over the last five years, but we expect it to grow in 2020 as more events are designed to appeal to millennials or the younger generations. Younger people tend to prefer event venues that focus on clean architecture and seamless function, like Whitespace Manila.

Minimalist designs also reduce your costs since you need less furniture and decor to fill a space. It also gives you more venue choices as any industrial space can be used for an “intentionally” minimalist theme.

Vacation-Like Experiences

As modern work changes, the line between pleasure and business has blurred. Your participants view your event as a short vacation. 71% of people consider the location in the decision to attend an event, as per the International Association of Exhibitions and Events. As such, they expect vacation-like experience, even if they are attending the event for business purposes.

This year, we expect to see more event venues take advantage of this shift. They’ll offer more leisure experiences, like cultural cuisine experiences and entertainment for its own sake.

Venues Adopt Sustainability Models

Sustainability has taken over most industries these days, and events are certainly no exception. Guests are no longer satisfied with basic sustainability measures like recycling bins or the absence of drinking straws. Almost 90% of consumers want the businesses they buy from and the places they visit to take more serious steps toward environmental awareness and protection.

Several event venues have already taken steps to minimize their carbon footprint, but we think this practice will flourish even more in 2020.

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