Knowing how to dress up a venue for an event is one of the vital points in event planning. Selecting a venue is likewise one of the first negotiation points one must tackle. The rest of the preparation stage will depend on the decision made regarding the venue. If you are lucky, the event market will provide you with choices for a variety of good venues. Your task is to evaluate the pitfalls, weigh the pros and cons, and pick the best events venue in Manila that suits your set criteria, personal preferences, and budget.

Here are five key tips to guide you on choosing the best event venue that works for you

1. Know How Many Guests Will Be Attending

Matching the size of the event venue and the number of attendees is dependent on the format and theme of the event.

Will you need to rearrange seating or tables for your guests? Are you looking into seated, buffet or cocktail service? Find a versatile venue that can be easily transformed to meet your event vision while accommodating your expected headcount comfortably.

2. Check the Weather Forecast

Corporate events in conference halls, hotels, or in crowded bars have become commonplace and expected. Nevertheless, even such ordinary events can shine vibrantly if you do one simple thing: select an unusual and extraordinary location.

There’s no need to languish in stuffy rooms during the summer season. Consider rooftops, summer terraces, or open areas. Check the weather forecast, and focus on finding an event space that will impress your guests without having to worry about any unexpected consequences like drizzle, rain, wind, and the like.

3. Remember the Event’s Purpose

Depending on the purpose, determine whether the selected events venue in Manila is suitable to host your event. The infrastructure and interior should blend in nicely with the vision of your physical arranger or stylist. 

A clear understanding of the intent and expectations of the event is one of the most important elements to consider when selecting your location.

4. Take Note of the Facilities of your Preferred Venue

Pay close attention to the way the facilities are maintained: Is there an enclosed pantry for your catering needs? Are the restrooms well-maintained? Are there private dressing rooms available for your convenience? 

Find a venue that is committed to ensuring best quality of service by continuously maintaining their facilities.

5. Pay Attention to the Venue Location

Public transportation, the local area, safe parking spaces, and the venue as a whole are the first things your attendees will see. Be mindful of the nuances of the city. If the time of the event falls during rush hour, pick a location away from the busiest roads and city life.

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