It probably took you weeks, or even months trying to search for an available event space in Makati, within the range of your budget and that suit best your needs and preferences. Now, how do you make the most out of your event venue? Every venue, regardless of your budget, has its upside and downside. The trick is identifying the potential of your chosen event space in Makati, and making the most of it, turning it into an ideal asset for your event rather than focusing on what could be better or what it doesn’t have.

Here are a few tips to make good and full use of your venue to your advantage.

Develop a Close Working Relationship with Your Venue

This is important, and every other point will depend on this one. The venue must become your ally, a friend. Once the event venue is confirmed, you’ll have to work as closely as possible with the venue to know how you can make the most out of it for your event, rectify problems and find existing and any suggested solutions while minimizing the costs or at the very best, without incurring any additional expenses.

The venue office staff are important persons, as they know the venue well. They are the ones with whom you’ll be working closely to make things happen for your event. Share all your detailed logistic plans and in advance as much as possible. You’d want them to help you, not be put in any compromising situation, during which it would be very tough to get the support you need. 

Keep in mind that if your event is a success, it will likewise be the success of the venue, where both parties, the venue, and the organizer will gain from it and so, working together within reasonable grounds, would be a great incentive.

Layout and Flow

Regardless of what your event is, a key aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is the functionality and flow of the general setup of your event. Everything needs to be thought through and arranged for optimal efficiency and convenience. Make room for movement. Ensure there is enough space for people to meet and socialize.

Depending on your type of event, discuss the best flow of traffic with your event venue and let them suggest what worked well from their previous experiences and what did not work and why those didn’t work, in order to make informed decisions. What are the best areas for placements of registration, tables and chairs, the stage, and the possible spots for any event activities? Where will the bar be set, and where will the buffet spread be positioned?

Amenities Available

There’s arguably no such thing as free services, but you can definitely save as much money and spare yourself the additional headache if you are able to work with your venue for all, if not most, of the amenities for your event. 

If your venue doesn’t have a kitchen, for instance, they are more likely to be working in an exclusive partnership with selected caterers and vendors. This can be a big advantage in working with the suggested vendors since both the event venue and vendors are already used to each other and have built a good working relationship. As such, you can benefit from their quality delivery for your event. 

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