Choosing where to hold your wedding reception (and possibly ceremony) is one of the first things to cross out from your to-do list. You can start looking for other essential wedding suppliers (such as your cuisine partner and event stylist) once you have booked a wedding venue. But first, how do you even decide on a wedding venue? What makes a good wedding venue in Makati?


Your perfect wedding venue needs to fit within your budget. Please consider that if the location costs a little more than you allocated, they may have add-ons or wedding packages which may serve as a cost-saving solution. 

Guest Capacity

Usually, two groups of guests are on your list when planning your wedding. There are the close family and friends, and the people you would want to attend, if possible. The wedding venue should be spacious enough, like Whitespace Manila to accommodate, at the very least, the first group of guests.

Look for a wedding venue in Makati that has a versatile space, allowing for a bigger guest list. An outdoor venue may be a better option – you don’t have to deal with building rules and fire codes. BUT in this country and its unpredictable climate, best to search for a wedding venue that will accommodate all your guests.


Aside from the guest list, your wedding venue should be suited to your ideal layout, structure, and requirements. Is there enough room for the dance floor?  A live band? A flash mob, perhaps?

Perceive all the things that you would like to include on the day that will make your wedding, specifically yours. Choose a wedding venue that can accommodate any special needs, from wheelchair accessibility to flying space for doves. Whatever you imagine on your special day, please understand that every venue has their own set of guidelines and regulations.

A Suitable Location

Wedding guests will include people flying in from other countries to celebrate with you.  They might need a place to stay or easy access to airports and highways. 

Select a wedding venue that is conveniently close to hotels, airports, and highways. Make sure the location directions are clear and easy to follow, so you avoid guests getting lost or worse, frustrated trying to get there. Choose a venue that is easily found on Waze and Google Maps, such as Whitespace Manila.

On-site parking or avilabilty of nearby parking facilities is essential so your guests have easy access to the venue. Add ons such as valet services and shuttles to and from the parking lot are possibilities to explore.

Many wedding venues have restrictions. This can affect the way you plan your celebration, from size limitations to noise curfews. After your initial research of the venue, make a list of questions that refer to what you may want at your wedding, it is better to know in advance what are the negotiables and nonnegotiables.

Select a venue with the least restrictions. Some venues are situated in areas where there are no noise or light limitations, and there are several outdoor wedding venues that can handle just about anything you would like to include.

Flexibile and Budget-Friendly

The best wedding venues are both flexible and affordable. It is your day, and a special venue will help you make it the best that it can be.

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