Often just a last-minute thought, choosing your party venue in Makati for rent can make a huge difference to the success of your event. Too cold, too loud, too uncomfortable, and too difficult to find are just a few of the comments you might see on your feedback forms if you forget to plan accordingly. Here is a list of what to keep in mind to ensure that your party venue in Makati for rent helps to the success of your event.

Do: Make a Tick List 

Before you start your search, create a tick list of what you want and expect from the venue. Location, size, and price are obviously the big ones, but also consider additional items you can’t compromise on. Do you get your own catering? Do you need a stage? Do you need a spacious venue like Whitespace Manila? Get this all jotted down and work down your list in order of priority and preference. While it is important to be flexible, being realistic also counts — if a venue does not fit your tick boxes, move on to one that does.

Don’t: Wait Until the Last Minute

Your party venue in Makati for rent should be one of the first details you confirm. We have spoken to event organizers in the past who have had to ask their keynote speakers whether they can switch dates once they find out their dream venue is no longer available, which is a conversation nobody wants to have. Start canvassing at least six months in advance if you are looking for an event with 100-200 people, and if you are expecting 300-400 people, give yourself approximately a year.

Do: Follow Your Gut

Did you get good vibes from the venue staff at one venue and negative feelings from another? Excellent communication and accommodating personnel is a critical factor in one’s choice of venue. Trust your gut (and check out their online reviews!)

Don’t: Pay Twice

For many people, booking an event venue currently works in the same way as booking a hotel did 2 decades ago. You go to an agent, they write down your details and then look for a venue, creating a list of their favorites. For this service, they add a fee of anywhere up to 25% on top. Up until recently this service was necessary with venues being notoriously tough to get hold of and the industry filled with unlisted event venues that only those in the know, know about. 

The huge change has been the launch of comparison sites, opening the market so you can search prices that match your budget and book online. Also, a number of venues now have websites and social media platforms allowing for ease in accessibility where you can establish good working relationships with event venues directly.

Do: Pay a Visit

Simple, but really important. Narrow down your list of event venues down to a couple of final choices and book in a day to inspect the venues, check the acoustics and liaise with their staff. Inspecting the venue in person will always save you time in the long run!

Don’t: Be Afraid to Ask Questions

In a constantly evolving venue and event industry, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. Terms and conditions that may be applicable to one venue may not be so for another. Remember, not only will you be helping yourself out, but you will be helping those around, like your chosen suppliers, by raising questions earlier on as well.

Do: Be Patient

Be a little more patient if your inquiry does not receive a reply in what you believe is a timely manner. Impatience is actually natural, but it is definitely not a desirable trait. Depending on the season, event venues might take a while to respond due to the influx of inquiries. Emailing and messaging incessantly days after your initial inquiry is not exactly going to make them reply faster. (and now they are probably even less likely to respond).

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